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Accreditation is a formal and independent verification that a program or institution meets specified quality standards and is competent to perform certain conformity assessment tasks. Conformity assessment tasks may include, but are not limited to, testing, inspection, or certification.

EAF Accreditation

The demand for reliable products and services worldwide has made accreditation a must. At the same time, accreditation used to identify competent institutions in line with the standards brought by official policies and legal regulations is essential for jobs that have a direct impact on public safety and welfare.

Accreditation has been applied for over 50 years as a definitive tool for assessing organizations and is currently used in almost every country in the world.

EUROLAB maintains all its services, reporting and certification activities based on the accreditation it provides from the Enterprise Accreditation Foundation (EAF), which is also a signatory of the United Nations (UN GLOBAL COMPACT).

EUROLAB, as one of the leading certification institutions of the sector, TÜRCERT Teknik Kontrol ve Belgelirme A.Ş. It is an affiliate and the reports and documents issued in all measurement, test, analysis, inspection, control and certification studies carried out thanks to its accreditations are valid all over the world.

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