Eurolab Quality Policy

Quality policy

The basis of EUROLAB's quality policy is to act in accordance with national and international standards, domestic and foreign legal regulations and the methods of test, measurement and analysis accepted by the parties in all its activities.

Quality policy

EUROLAB aims to meet the test, analysis, measurement, control and inspection requests coming from the customers, without compromising the principles of confidentiality and impartiality, in a fast, timely, accurate, reliable and high quality manner and to apply globally accepted testing and analysis methods in these activities.

EUROLAB aims to behave in compliance with all existing legal regulations and to serve within the standards published by local and foreign organizations.

Adopting the principle of impartiality, independence, confidentiality and honesty in the services provided, EUROLAB has taken the necessary measures to fulfill the demands of the customers within the promised time and effectively.

Pursuant to our quality policy, it attaches importance to employees to be educated and experienced and to train themselves continuously. Service quality can only be provided with qualified employees and the competence of the employees depends on it. The top management of our organization effectively follows the developments in the world within the scope of the activities and shares the innovations with the employees as soon as possible.

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