Eurolab Accredited Laboratory


EUROLAB is a leading company in its field, which stands out with its unique expert staff, reliable, fast and state-of-the-art facilities as well as national and international accreditations and certificates that are valid all over the world.

Accredited Laboratory

Reliable Tests

In order to be ahead of our competitors and to be a leading laboratory in the industry, we reliably perform all test, analysis, measurement, inspection and evaluation services.

Our laboratory undertakes environmental analyzes, occupational health and safety analyzes, electrical tests, industrial tests, cosmetic analyzes, textile tests, etc. has created a very strong staff in order to carry out numerous physical, chemical and biological analyzes and has fed its equipment with the latest technology equipment to suit this staff.

One of the most important conditions for reliable analysis is the technological infrastructure. If the infrastructure is inadequate, testing, measurement, analysis, inspection, evaluation and calibration studies will be removed from the expected sensitivity. With its competent staff and strong technological infrastructure, our organization provides more reliable analysis services to its customers with its commitment to independence and impartiality.

Quick Reporting

The most important stage of laboratory services is the complete and reliable reporting of the results obtained from the tests and analyzes. The test, measurement, analysis and calibration studies carried out are on the one hand complying with the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard.

As well as the content and accuracy of the final reports are important, the rapid arrangement of the reports is also of great importance. Rapid reporting is extremely important for all laboratories providing measurement, analysis, testing, inspection, evaluation and calibration services for various purposes.

In order to achieve this, our organization has established a strong manager and staff and also has a strong technological infrastructure. It works with a team of academically trained experts in order to perform all the services it has committed in a complete and reliable manner.

Customer happiness

As in all organizations that produce or provide services, customer satisfaction is one of the most important issues among our organization that provides laboratory test, measurement and analysis services. Research on why customers move away from a firm shows that one of the biggest reasons is employee behavior. For this reason, we are very meticulous about making all our staff smiling, understanding and doing their job extremely serious from the lowest to the highest level.

In order for the laboratory to survive, its customers must leave the institution fully satisfied and have the service they want and want to choose us in their next job. Our company wants to keep its existing customers, acquire new customers and ensure that every service buyer has reached the desired service without any problem. Therefore, he is very meticulous about this.

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