Energy Tests

Energy Tests

Manufacturers operating in the energy sector are constantly exploring ways to leverage new technologies to meet new challenges. They create solutions for energy security and climate change and work to meet growing demand.

Energy Tests

EUROLAB works with you to make your energy project successful by verifying functionality, reliability and efficiency at every stage. Keeping up with industry trends, our energy sector services are designed to accelerate deployment and deliver performance throughout the product lifecycle.

Our services in this area:

  • Strategic and operational support
  • Measurements and inspection
  • Test and monitoring equipment
  • Developing software testing tools
  • Testing and certification

Energy Tests

One of the most equipped test laboratories in the country, EUROLAB offers expertise to quickly and economically evaluate your projects of any complexity.

Some of the current energy testing programs are:

Nuclear power

EUROLAB offers cost-effective solutions for the nuclear power industry to help you reduce risk and maintain compliance with IEEE, EPRI and other safety guidelines. Certain services include complete EMI / RFI testing and analysis. In addition, we can provide software validation for assistance with all microprocessor-based equipment as well as equipment aging planning and selection of new components.

Smart Grid Test

Energy testing for the smart grid is an emerging area of ​​expertise and EUROLAB has all the equipment to reliably perform it. Our team has comprehensive engineering solutions to meet compatibility requirements for meters, outlets, thermostats and other components of smart grid systems.

We are constantly expanding and improving our testing services to meet the challenges of this developing industry. We can currently provide turnkey compatibility solutions for NIST, IEC and IEEE standards. Our current smart grid energy testing services include environmental simulation, reliability testing, portal testing and more.

Solar cell

Demand for renewable energy generation systems is increasing worldwide. To meet the challenges of this growing consumer need, EUROLAB offers solar test services including module efficiency testing, as well as PV module and mains tie inverter certification that comply with UL1703 and UL1741 standards. We can also provide accelerated life testing (ALT) and thermal cycle for PV components.

If you want to learn more about our solar and other renewable energy testing services, you can contact us.

Cities and communities need advanced technology to maintain a sustainable energy supply and manage consumption efficiently. EUROLAB helps you meet demanding environmental requirements, develop flexible and redundant communication systems, master optional energy through redundant storage, and implement safe, efficient demand response technology and smart grid. Our Integrated Engineering Services covers three areas:

Energy Production Technologies

  • Nuclear power
  • Renewable Clean Energy (Photovoltaic, Solar Energy and Wind)
  • Storage Technologies

Transmission and Distribution Components and Systems

  • High Efficiency Transformers
  • Super Conductive Transformers
  • High Voltage Power Cables
  • Other devices and components such as switches, relays, cable connections, line traps, breakers and more.

Smart Grid Technologies

  • Communication in Power Substation, Wide Area Network and Home Network Network, which includes many open standard protocols such as ZigBee, Wi-Fi, PLC, Bluetooth, WiMAX and others.
  • Measurement, Monitoring and Control Technologies: Advanced Measurement, Home and Building Automation, Industrial Control, Gateways, In-Home Screens, Thermostats, Smart Devices and more.
  • Building HVAC: In hotels, industrial facilities, etc. Automatic Energy Control Systems
  • Electric Vehicles to Smart Grid, Charging stations and vehicle communication protocol.
  • Cyber ​​security: Protection of critical assets that manage energy infrastructures such as computers, software, control control and data acquisition (SCADA) and process control systems (and networks that support these systems).

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