Aviation and Space Tests

Aviation and Space Tests

As EUROLAB, we have always seen our customers' projects as our own projects. Our dedicated aerospace engineers, technicians, and project managers personally invest in success and work closely with your internal teams to meet all your needs, and to handle every detail on time and within your budget. 

Aviation and Space Tests

As EUROLAB, we have contributed to various activities in the country since the acceleration of space researches recently. In this way, EUROLAB has gained experience in the industry, with the opportunity to conduct research and development, aviation testing and system evaluations on a wide variety of aircraft, vehicles, systems and components.

Aviation and space testing capabilities include dynamic response on aircraft structures and systems, acoustic density, material testing, and modal analysis; evaluation of electronic and hydraulic systems for advanced aircraft and vehicles; there are severe environmental and hazardous flow tests.

Both commercial and public aviation customers rely on us to provide complete and integrated engineering services, including:

  • Extensive testing capabilities including dynamic, environmental, fuel, materials and more.
  • A nationwide leader in aviation testing
  • Wide variety of RTCA DO-160 test requirements
  • FAA and private aircraft industry development and evaluation programs
  • Insight to address regulatory, security and service issues early in the design process.
  • Official review services of experts prevent possible problems or delays in your product development and release.

Improved testing capabilities

To instill confidence in your EUROLAB, civil aviation or defense contractor customers; It helps you meet legal and flight safety requirements such as MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-202. In addition, you can coordinate complex test programs at many facilities across the country, thus saving time and money while streamlining the way to the market.

To help you develop safer, stronger and more sensitive products, we perform aerospace tests, including:

Dynamic test: Whether vibration, shock or acoustic noise, our test laboratories are ready. Rely on our range of dynamic testing equipment, including vibration tables and shakers that can deliver up to 70.000 forces / pound, acceleration forces up to 750g and pyro-shock features.

Environmental simulation: Our environmental simulation chambers can test everything from individual devices to complete systems. We also offer combined environmental tests including temperature, humidity, altitude and vibration, explosive atmospheres, sand and salt fog and more.

Fuel test: EUROLAB assesses the safety problems and overall efficiency and performance of all major fuel tank and fuel system components. We test fuel frosting and fuel testing, helium leak testing, flow analysis, functional / proficiency testing and more. We offer everything you need to meet ARP 603, ARP 1383 and ISO 6772 standards.

EMI / EMC: Our wide room selection allows us to perform HIRF tests and other important functions with unique economies of scale. We include all types of magnetic fields and other subtest groups that depend on the magnetic field, as well as specific stroke and burst lightning simulations for aviation partners.

Aviation and Space Material Testing

Material testing for the aerospace industry requires the highest level of experience, responsibility and innovation. There are ongoing developments in almost every part, component and assembly used in today's aircraft. 

With our professionalism and expertise, our ISO / IEC 17025 certified laboratory offers full access to the types of services you are looking for, including testing complete assemblies and oversized components that we regularly design customized test fixtures and custom rooms.

your product RTCA DO-160 and we provide the following types of material testing services to ensure that they comply with other standards, including all relevant FAA regulations:

  • Fatigue: The fatigue test determines the maximum load a material can withstand before failure, as well as the total reload cycle it can withstand before weakening. It helps aviation and space manufacturers choose the right materials to get rid of expected stresses without being exposed to permanent structural changes.
  • Coup: Impact testing from windshields, nose mounts, wings to engine housings provides important data on the ability of a particular material to recover energy from a measurable impact. Typically, under devastating conditions, the impact test gives extremely important results for the parts suppliers exposed to the components and the possibility of impact.
  • Flammability: Apart from the ability of an aircraft to perform properly, its safety is largely based on the use of qualified parts and materials that meet all approved safety regulations. One of the most important material tests related to safety is the flammability test of textiles, mattresses and other manufactured goods found in today's aircraft.
  • Thermal: Typically associated with extreme temperature changes experienced by satellites and spacecraft, the thermal test checks whether a intended material can survive severe thermal fluctuations that it will encounter after being put into service. Our thermal tests form an integral part of our environmental testing services that subject materials to real conditions they will encounter in use.
  • Composite: Most of today's aviation assemblies are made of composite materials, so it's important for businesses to know exactly which materials they make - often resins, thermoplastics or carbon fiber assemblies. With the composite test, you know exactly what is in the materials you want to use.
  • Cutting: How much stress is a material exposed before it breaks? The answer to this question is mostly found in compliance and regulation standards, while the ability to ensure that a material, including an adhesive, has the strength required for its intended purpose is best achieved by the shear test.
  • Thermomechanical analysis: For materials such as glass, polymers, ceramics and laminates, the thermomechanical analysis, also called TMA, applies a constant force to determine the linear expansion or phase change of a material experience due to this force.
  • And more: We offer specific material tests for different needs. If you can't find what you're looking for in the tests listed here, don't worry. Our test offerings are too broad to be fully listed here. You can contact us for more information about our aviation material testing services.

Aviation and push tests

EUROLAB's push test services include:

  • Thrust stand and exhaust duct rocket test with 50.000 lbf thrust force (8.000-lbf for side or asymmetrical loads).
  • Thermal vacuum and field simulation
  • Launch level acoustics
  • General component and subsystem assembly
  • Cryogenic fuel storage and more.

Satellite Systems (and other large-scale programs)

Expert teams of EUROLAB, a well-known laboratory in satellite and space hardware testing, offer full support on:

  • Research & Development.
  • Test and system evaluations.
  • Services for a wide range of individual devices, components and systems used in satellites and other large-scale programs.

Sensitive Cleaning Services

To help prevent oxidation, particle formation and other problems that can affect performance, EUROLAB offers a comprehensive portfolio of services for aviation testing and maintenance, including:

  • Commercial oxygen cleaning
  • Ultra high purity processing
  • Leak test
  • Particle and residue analysis

We can also provide special packaging that helps manage risk when storing and transporting sensitive components.

Supplier Inspection and Verification Services

EUROLAB manages complex global supply chains operated by our aerospace partners. With random inspection, we can make sure your suppliers meet your quality standards; we help you avoid recall and reliability issues that harm your profits and reputation.

Aviation and space-specific tests and certificates

EUROLAB is certified by the American Laboratory Accreditation Association (A2LA) according to ISO / IEC 17025 standards. We offer turnkey compatibility solutions for MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 and MIL-STD-202 standards, and we can assist in pre-compliance management for the international market.

The aviation and space service categories listed above are just the beginning. EUROLAB also carries out many customer-defined engineering projects covering a wide range of specialist services.

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