Mining Tests

Mining Tests

Mine Test Laboratory

Metallurgy or, more commonly, metal science will address the needs of people, investigating the behavior and properties of metals and alloys, addressing the production, purification and shaping of minerals of ore or metal containing raw materials of the desired quality and quality, and taking into consideration environmental concerns and obligations within their lifetime. is a science and technology branch that aims to be prepared in particular. Especially in terms of quality control, metallurgy science serves an important purpose in many sectors.

Mining Tests

Metallurgy science and technology in the mining industry plays a crucial role in extracting metals from ore and refining for end use. In fact mine testing is one of the most important components of successfully managing a mine exploration project and turning it into a lucrative mine. During mining tests, mining engineers evaluate the condition and composition of the material to be extracted and determine whether commercial separation and processing can be done economically.

With mineral tests, possible risks in mining exploration, extraction and processing activities are reduced and investment security is ensured. The higher the recoveries, the higher the percentage of a metal extracted from the ore during processing, the higher the profit margin. The positive mine test results indicate that the market will not only be an activity but also efficient. In short, mining tests not only determine the environmental footprint of a project but also have an impact on capital and operating costs.

Each stage of a project requires further mining tests. These test results are generally based on scoping, preventability and reliable feasibility studies, but logistic and economic data are collected and become a part of subsequent search and development programs.

How a mining test program is designed depends on the stages of the project and the ore itself. Different variables will therefore require different approaches for an optimized test flow. As the project progresses through exploration and development work, mine testing studies focus on three technical studies: scoping, preventability and feasibility.

The main mine testing services provided by our organization are:

  • Mine analysis
  • Ore analysis
  • Metal analysis
  • XRF general alloy test
  • Precious mineral chemical tests

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