Consumer Product Tests

Consumer Product Tests

Verifying security, robustness and reliability in consumer products is one of the most important processes you will invest in the undisputed production process. A malfunction or a rare accident to occur in your new product, only one negative experience with your product is enough to reduce the trust of your end users.

Consumer Product Tests

EUROLAB has become a leader in consumer product testing by working with the most talented engineers, establishing best-in-class facilities, investing in highly advanced testing equipment. Regardless of the industry or product type, we conduct thorough and rigorous tests to ensure that your customers can offer your product without problems.

Smarter Product Safety Test

You can work with us to provide the safest, highest quality products. Whether testing for local requirements or clearing regulatory hurdles for global markets, our comprehensive approach from start to finish saves you time and unnecessary costs. 

Sports Equipment Testing for Maximum Protection

EUROLAB offers tests to make sure that your sports equipment you produce meets the toughest tests and the toughest challenges. With advanced sports testing equipment in our engineers and a state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to testing safety equipment for athletes and recreation enthusiasts, EUROLAB is your partner for complete confidence from product design to launch. We offer tests that comply with ASTM, DOT and other specifications. 

International Approvals: The Path to Global Markets

Achieving product approval for global markets requires an understanding of each country's regulatory plan and related requirements. Fortunately, you don't have to navigate through these complexities, because EUROLAB can do it for you. We know the requirements for country-specific product labels and user guides, representation, shipping inspections and approval processes.

We have the experience of addressing these details and more, including finding a need overlap between countries to gain economies of scale. To maximize your revenue and market share growth, we can help you deliver your product to the right markets on time.

Material Test to Prove the Durability of Your Product

Material testing is essential to make sure your product is sturdy enough. EUROLAB measures its robustness by performing important corrosion and stress resistance tests for your product. 

With all these tests, we can detect potential problems early, so your design team will have time to make the necessary changes to your product. In this way, you can be sure that you will not have any problems with the end user when the product is released.

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