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Eurolab, Turkey's most comprehensive laboratories, products all over the world safe, efficient and offers an efficient way the expertise you need to market and also your product and service quality, security, helps you learn that sustainability and performance standards for how to meet.

Accredited Laboratory EUROLAB

With our many years of experience, our experts and global resources are equipped to meet all your needs for testing, measurement, analysis and much more. In the face of ever-changing and evolving standards, our knowledge and industry expertise ensures that your products and business are ready to meet evolving demands.

Today's globalized commercial life brought with it new markets, supply sources, regulations and standards. Our laboratory testing services provide the data you need to optimize the production process and market your product quickly and economically, especially for you to gain an advantage in the global market.

EUROLAB's testing, reporting and certification services help you meet quality, performance, regulatory compliance, safety, benchmarking, assessment, verification, analysis and other requirements for products, components, raw materials, a wide variety of materials and facilities.

EUROLAB performs the following tests and much more under the main headings;

Improve the value and marketability of your products through laboratory testing and certification services, from laboratory testing to compliance with regulatory requirements.

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