Foot Protection Equipment Tests

Foot Protection Equipment Tests

Types of personal protective equipment are very diverse. These include face protection masks, gloves, goggles, gowns, head covers, masks, respirators, and foot protection equipment.

Foot Protection Equipment Tests

The main personal protective equipment for workers' feet are boots and shoes. In work environments, foot protection equipment is available for any situation suitable for the activity. Workplace accidents caused by unsuitable boots or shoes cause great harm to both employees and businesses. Therefore, it is important to choose the right shoes for the job.

Depending on the activities of businesses in various sectors, employees are exposed to various hazards. Major workplace hazards that require protective shoes include: falling heavy objects, sharp materials, hot or cold materials, electric current, welding sparks, and molten metal.

There are foot protection applications in many respects. The main types of foot protection and boots identified by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) are: metatarsal protections, foot protectors, electrically conductive boots, electrical hazard safety boots, casting boots, waterproof or water resistant boots, slip resistant boots and insulated boots .

For example, metatarsal guards are attached outside the shoes and protect the upper part from being crushed by heavy objects. Foot protectors are worn on the tips of normal shoes to prevent foot injuries. Electrically conductive boats protect against the buildup of static electricity. Electrical hazard safety boots are not conductive and prevent the user's feet from completing an electrical circuit in the ground.

Casting boots protect feet from the excess heat of molten metal. Waterproof or water resistant boots help users to keep their feet dry when working in wet conditions. Slip-resistant boots have a special sole that provides traction on wet or oily floors. Insulated boots keep the user's feet warm in cold weather.

Major foot protection equipment tests performed by our organization include:

  • Penetration resistant inserts, penetration resistance (EN 12568, §7.2)
  • Electric resistance (ISO 20344, §5.10)
  • Slip resistance (ISO 20344, §5.11)
  • Water vapor resistance (ISO 20344, §6.6 - §6.7 - §6.8)
  • Compression resistance of the fingertips (ISO 20344, §5.5)
  • Penetration resistance of the base (ISO 20344, §5.8)
  • Energy absorption of the seating area (ISO 20344, §5.14)
  • Impact resistance of fingertips (ISO 20344, §5.4)
  • Insulation against cold (ISO 20344, §5.13)
  • Insulation against heat (ISO 20344, §5.12)

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