Arena Tests

Ballistic MIL-SPEC Tests

Arena Tests

Mortality Test, Arena Test, Explosion Test

In order to assess the deadly effectiveness of advanced warheads, it is necessary to accurately characterize a warhead's fragment mass and velocity distributions as well as the high pressure spatial distribution distribution.

Arena Tests

The deadly efficacy assessment of advanced warheads requires accurate characterization of the warhead's part mass and velocity distributions and high pressure spatial spatial distribution.

Experts at the EUROLAB test facility conduct extensive warhead arena tests for IAW ITOP 4-2-813 and FM 101-51-3. Our engineers use high-speed digital video camera systems that record 100.000 frames per second and detonate overpressure gauges measuring up to 150 psi. During the tests, we can adapt various fields, including size, shape, data collection environment and layout, and the creation of Z-Data reports.

Among the special arena elements used by EUROLAB teams during the test are:

  • Aircraft Components - Cockpit, Body, Wing and Tail Sections
  • Commercial or Military Vehicles - Van, Truck, Sedan
  • Armor Materials - Structural Elements, Panels
  • Mannequins - Plywood, Instrumented

Reliable Arena and Detonation Test at EUROLAB

EUROLAB offers full support for Javelin, Hydra, Claymore Mine and many more military programs and systems. We have a long history of testing and providing compliance assistance to the defense industry and we can help you certify to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-2105 and other relevant legal guidelines.

Having accumulated many years of experience in conducting disruptive tests for the defense industry, EUROLAB has provided IED and mine blast test services to some of the developers of armor and armor systems. Camden Operation Division helps armor manufacturers and developers accurately assess the performance of existing and new armor designs against improvised explosive devices and mine explosion threats.

Safe, Remote Monitoring of Material Testing

EUROLAB has a fully shielded imaging chamber with a pneumatic trigger device that can remotely operate a laser-guided universal receiver or a .22 chopping drum. This allows our engineers to adjust armatures as needed to support a variety of test samples and maintain precise environmental controls.

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