Armor Tests

Ballistic MIL-SPEC Tests

Armor Tests

Vehicle Armor Test

EUROLAB has many years of experience in conducting destructive tests on behalf of the defense industry and is ready to assist armor manufacturers and developers in accurately evaluating the performance of existing or new armor designs against improvised explosive devices and mine explosion threats.

Armor Tests

Explosion Test

  • IED and EFP Test
  • Reactive Armor and Arena Test
  • Bare Charge and Track Test
    - Air and Ground Vehicle
    - Component, Subsystem, Filling
  • Structural Shock
  • Explosion Limitation
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Helmets, Face Shields, Vests
  • RPG (Static and Dynamic)

Armor Test in EUROLAB

Our facility is a full-service armor testing lab that provides turnkey solutions to defense contractors across the country. The compound has a 3000-meter wide-caliber fire range, shoulder fire rocket range and multiple warhead arena test areas. While performing IED and mine explosion testing services, EUROLAB offers tests that include;

  • Support elements of the test, from luminaire design to data reduction
  • Master programs of varying sizes, from individual armor plates to vehicle body sections and full-scale vehicle bodies
  • Customize explosive blast charges; allowing on-site adjustments and minimizing delays in the test program
  • Capture test events using high-speed video to determine the reaction of the test substance and the bursting force during the event
  • Determine the survival of tested armor items by conducting extensive evaluations to collect large amounts of accurate data
  • Carrying out IED and mine blast test services
  • Ballistic test ranges capable of full-scale product testing
  • Using Oehler Model 55 chronographs and Oehler Model 34 Ballistic Computers to guarantee accurate speed measurements
  • A fully protected imaging chamber to test observations
  • Ballistic resistant material impact test

EUROLAB is ready to support you with expert tests on body armor, helmets, firearm locking devices and blade testing.

Your Security and Compliance Partner

It offers full support for EUROLAB, Javelin, Hydra, Claymore Mine and many more military programs and systems. We have a long history of testing and providing compliance assistance to the defense industry and we can help you certify to MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-2105 and other relevant legal guidelines.

In addition to armor tests, we provide climate and dynamic tests, environmental simulation (including sand, dust and salt fog test), functional trials and more. If you need more than one test, we can identify the fastest and most cost-effective series possible. You can count on our team for everything from one-off armor tests to complete project management solutions.

It is committed to excellence in testing everything we do, survival systems that are effective in protecting our soldiers. EUROLAB tries to help developers and manufacturers of survival systems in bringing the most reliable, highest performing products to the defense market.

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