Hardware and Software Tests

Hardware and Software Tests

Regardless of the area of ​​hardware or software, you need to prove the functionality of your product with various tests to get a new computer ready to launch. For tests in a wide range of development stages, EUROLAB can offer special programs for your product with extensive test plans and detailed test methods.

Hardware and Software Tests

Functionality Test

It can be performed on hardware or software products to verify that your product works exactly as intended. The overall purpose of the hardware and software functionality test is to check if the product is working as expected and documented, usually in technical or functional specifications. Developers who create a new product start with a functional specification that explains the capabilities and limitations of the product.

EUROLAB test engineers use this specification as a guide for the expected product response, if any. Tasks are applied to test specific features or functions, and the results of these tasks are validated in accordance with the response expected by EUROLAB. Such tests are useful for product developers who have created a new product or an existing product that has undergone a significant improvement or talent change.

Compatibility Test

It is carried out to make sure that your product operates in the intended usage environment (eg ^ different platforms, operating systems, chipsets, peripherals, manufacturers, etc.). Often, vendors also call the compatibility test interoperability test - both terms mean making sure your product works correctly with other products in the "real world" when it is released.

Performance Test

It verifies that your product works in an acceptable manner for the market in which you are delivering the product. Nobody wants a product they have to wait for or work poorly.

Usability Test

It is done to provide an independent analysis of how easy or difficult it is to use a product. This may include documentation, installation, and product use cases. In addition, different levels of user experience can be evaluated.

Automation Test

It encodes your product with one of many different industry tools, allowing you to perform repetitive tests quickly and easily.

Competitive Analysis Tests

It compares your product with similar products already on the market. These may be products you have previously released or competitive products, so you can highlight your advantages, such as performance or usability.

Test Tool Development

EUROLAB works extensively with various standards and alliances in the development of commercial test tools. In particular, he has extensive experience in developing test equipment (hardware + software combinations) that can be used for pre-testing and development of products. 

We are also an institution with extensive experience with a wide range of testing equipment, including vector signal analyzers, signal generators, sniffers and related tools. Our institution has all the skills, equipment, tools and knowledge to help you develop a tool for your test or certification program. You can contact us immediately for more information.

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