Fall Protection Equipment Tests

Fall Protection Equipment Tests

In most industries, businesses find that fall protection equipment has the potential to greatly reduce workers' risk of injury and death. It is extremely important to ensure that fall protection equipment complies with national and international standards. However, testing of fall protection equipment has some hesitations: How do businesses comply with industry standards?

Fall Protection Equipment Tests

Is traceability provided for testing fall protection equipment? How to make sure these equipment fully meet the current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test requirements? Are the laboratories performing the tests compatible with a certain laboratory standard? Is it possible to compare test results with laboratories in different geographic regions?

Today, advanced laboratories can answer all these questions, and people who rely on this equipment to protect their lives are now more confident. It has published a number of standards by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and European standard organizations for fall protection, and the fall protection industry is reviewing traditional test rules and practices in recent years.

Businesses now question the validity and results of existing tests on fall protection equipment. From the collection of data to test weights and sampling rates, tests in the design of fall protection products now contain sufficient safety factors.

Today, fall protection equipment with different functions is used for those working in different sectors. For example, eyebolts (ring bolts) are a personal protection measure and are used to protect employees. This equipment must be tested every 7883 months in accordance with the BS EN 12 standard and every 6 months for rope access equipment.

Security line systems are also measures for personal protection and are often used in sensitive activities that require progressive maintenance and where collective measures cannot be taken. This equipment also needs to be tested every 795 months in accordance with the BS EN 12 standard.

The main fall protection equipment tests performed by our organization include:

  • Energy absorbing, dynamic performance (EN 355)
  • Self retracting device, dynamic performance (ANSI Z359.14)
  • Salt spray (loss of mass) (ISO 9227 / ASTM B117)
  • Anti-drop, dynamic performance (EN 353-1)
  • Cord, slip and dynamic strength (EN 354)
  • Energy absorbing, dynamic performance (ANSI Z359.13)
  • Anti-drop, dynamic performance (ANSI Z359.15)
  • Self-retracting device, dynamic performance (EN 360)

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