Fiber Optic Test

Fiber Optic Test

EUROLAB has the necessary equipment and expert personnel to test fiber optic cables, active / passive components and systems. At EUROLAB, products are tested against various standards and specifications, such as Telcordia, Military, TIA / EIA and ISO.

Fiber Optic Test

In addition, we can also develop customized programs with our customers or according to the specifications or test plans developed for our customers.

Our expert team can help develop and deliver customized training programs to meet the needs of our various customers. Testing is not our only specialty; Our consulting services are available to help manufacturers design, troubleshoot and market a quality product. Our goal is simple: to help our customers use their products most efficiently in their systems, network designs and distributions.

EUROLAB has invested heavily in optical equipment - our overall room capacity is one of the largest in the country. Recently, we have increased our switch capacity to three by adding new high channel number JDS and EXFO switches, which enable us to run multiple single-mode and multi-mode programs simultaneously. Our laboratory is equipped to make spectral measurements using adjustable lasers, OSAs, white light sources and monochromator based systems.

Our expertise includes the ability to make measurements of insertion loss, reflection, PDL, PMD, ASE noise, amplification, BER, dispersion penalty, temperature effect, bandwidth, optical band pass and others. We have and are doing tests in both laboratory and field environments.

We have also developed requirements, training procedures and standard operating procedures for both the telco and CATV markets. Our knowledge of industry standards and market relationships was a feature that set us apart from the competition.

Typical Optical Tests

  • Short / Long Pass: Band, Lost, MxN
  • Central Wavelength: Fixed, Adjustable
  • Band Pass, Tolerances
  • Smoothness
  • Interference: Transmission, Reflection
  • Return loss
  • Insertion Loss
  • Loss Due to Polarization (PDL)
  • Polarization Mode Distribution (PMD)
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD)
  • Uniformity
  • Connection Rate
  • Orientation
  • Isolation
  • intermateability
  • discontinuity

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