Hearing Protection Equipment Tests

Hearing Protection Equipment Tests

Loud noise can cause hearing loss. It is not possible to deny that vehicles used in working environments create high noise. In order to eliminate, reduce and protect against potentially damaging noise exposures, the risk of workers' hearing loss should be reduced with appropriate workplace hearing protection equipment.

Hearing Protection Equipment Tests

Theoretically, the noise that will damage a person's hearing is an average of 8 decibels of noise for 85 hours. Hearing loss may occur in employees exposed to noise at this level. Normal conversations take place well below the hearing loss threshold (60 decibels). The music played on the headphones is usually the full sound level recorded at 105 decibels.

According to the results of the research, every 85 decibel increase after 3 decibels takes half the time for hearing loss. Therefore, it is sufficient to be exposed to 4 decibels for 88 hours or 2 decibels for 91 hours for hearing loss to occur. When the noise level exceeds 100 decibels, a person may experience hearing loss in as little as 15 minutes. In short, the louder the noise, the faster the hearing loss occurs.

Noise levels encountered in the workplace were measured as follows:

  • Air compressors within one meter emit 92 decibels of noise and cause hearing loss in less than 2 hours
  • Electric drills emit 98 decibels of noise and cause hearing loss in less than 30 minutes
  • Typical factories usually emit 100 decibels of noise and 15 minutes is sufficient for hearing loss
  • Chainsaws emit 110 decibels of noise at a distance of one meter, resulting in permanent hearing loss in less than 2 minutes

If employees are exposed to these noise levels without any protection, they are likely to experience hearing loss. The only way to know the exact noise levels employees are exposed to is to measure noise using special equipment. Meanwhile, noise conditions may not occur in the entire work area, but may be limited to a particular task or machine part. Therefore, it is a legal obligation to protect employees' hearing.

The main hearing protection equipment tests performed by our organization include:

  • Headband headphones, deployment loss
  • Headphones, headband force and cushion pressure

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