Wireless Device Testing

Wireless Device Testing

We carry out all the necessary tests in the relevant standards of wireless devices, which are an indispensable part of our world, from keeping us connected to the internet to the smooth communication of smart grid devices.

Wireless Device Testing

There are many things to consider for wireless testing. Consider focusing on end users: how well your Bluetooth® phone connects to your car? Can you easily establish a temporary network with your 802.11n products? Can your wireless home screen be connected to your smart meter through a brick wall? EUROLAB can answer all this with the most detailed tests and measurements. So you know everything about it before your product is put on the market.

EUROLAB Wireless certification and testing

We have tested, solved and certified hundreds of products from Bluetooth to wireless USB, ZigBee to RFID, all 802.11 standards, UltrawideBand (802.15) and WiMax (802.16) products.

The advantages of EUROLAB for you:

  • You can speed up the issuance of EUROLAB official approvals and quickly bring your product to market.
  • EUROLAB is one of the few laboratories that offer Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing services to 802.11 (a / n) device manufacturers and other wireless technologies operating in the 5GHz range.
  • Not only does EUROLAB test your device, it allows you to improve your product by offering you specific recommendations.

EUROLAB also covers areas with direct effects for wireless products. Interference test is one of these categories. We can test your device using special "mini houses" made of drywall, brick or other materials to evaluate how well your device is performing. We have an RF room for testing and we host a number of test rooms for use in regulatory approvals for EMC / EMI and wireless technologies.

Modern Test Capabilities

ZigBee - EUROLAB is a leading ZigBee wireless certification provider for smart grid devices. We use a special transmission analysis system (ZigTest ™) to provide in-depth, accurate analysis that offers total system verification from the physical layer inward.

EMI / EMC - It is important to ensure that your product is not adversely affected by EMI and EMF interference, as wireless and radio devices share bandwidth with an increasing number of components. EUROLAB laboratories are equipped with various sizes of reverb and semi-reverberant chambers that can perform comprehensive compatibility and product safety tests.

Environmental / Dynamic - EUROLAB is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for environmental and dynamic testing. Measuring a device's ability to withstand temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and other factors plays a key role in the development of more durable products. You can count on us for advanced, accurate testing, which can be configured according to your needs.

Special Test Protocols

EUROLAB offers special test tools for testing wireless devices. Our engineers specialize in finding creative solutions to common test problems. We can evaluate your goals and requirements to identify a wireless certification and testing program that will quickly put your product on the market.

EUROLAB has the most advanced wireless testing software and equipment available today. Along with the most equipped laboratory in the country, it is positioned to help you meet all legal compliance and quality assurance requirements.

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