Protective Clothing Tests

Protective Clothing Tests

In various sectors, every job has its own dangers and it is essential to use protective clothing that suits the dangers of the job. Protective clothing is spread over a wide range from chemical burns and work accidents to hygiene conditions.

Protective Clothing Tests

It is equally important to protect workers and used materials from strong disinfectant cleaners and chemicals, as well as the protection of a construction worker from crashes and injuries.

It is beneficial for businesses to invest in personal protective equipment for employees in many ways. The aim of the enterprises is to reduce the risks to the long and short term health of the employees and to protect their safety.

Security is an important issue for any employee. Especially in the construction industry, many work accidents occur every year, and injuries and deaths often occur due to the lack of personal protective equipment. Protective clothing is an important equipment that will protect employees against health or safety risks in the workplace. The aim is that employees are not exposed to hazards when they are not suitable or effective to reduce risks to acceptable levels. Personal protective equipment is protective helmets, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety shoes, seat belts, and sometimes respiratory protective equipment.

Safety clothing used in work environments is important as it protects users against health and safety risks in the workplace. Protective clothing, which is among personal protective equipment, reduces the risks of injury and disease, and allows businesses to comply with applicable legal regulations and provides a safe and reliable working environment for everyone.

Protective clothing, usually worn specifically designed after a risk assessment has been carried out. These garments include special workwear, safety boots, safety glass and helmets, and mainly depend on the field of activity of the business and what kind of activities should be protected. Employees must have much better opportunities, no loss of movement and the highest level of safety clothing.

The main protective clothing tests carried out by our organization include:

  • High visibility clothing (ISO 20471)
  • Liquid permeability (ISO 6529)
  • Mechanical performance (EN 14325)
  • Determination of the pH value of the aqueous extract (ISO 3071)
  • Liquid penetration (ISO 6530)
  • Cut resistance (ISO 13997)
  • Clothing against fire (EN 469)

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