Global Market Access

Global Market Access

The process of obtaining global type approvals and country-specific certification services can be complex, bureaucratic, time-consuming and expensive. As regulations and approval schemes constantly evolve, planning takes patience and understanding.

Global Market Access

Why your products need global type approvals

Since legal approvals are often mandatory, they must be followed, and approvals depending on the country where you want to market your products, and the process may vary from basic self-report or type approval to more complex approvals.

Approving a product for a market or another country means implementing the regulatory plan and related requirements of each country. It is important to accept and plan product approvals as they may require specific product labels, translations, or statements in the user guide. You may need an importer or local representatives within the country. You may need factory or individual shipping inspections. Depending on the country, local importers, subsidiaries or representatives may need to be included in the approval process. Finally, the testing lab may have testing requirements that overlap with other countries that allow scale economies. So you will need an accredited laboratory for short. Ignoring these variables can be costly and add lag to the market, leading to loss of revenue and shrinking of market share.

Why your products need mandatory approvals

Mandatory product approvals are required for your products to go smoothly during customs passes and to obtain licenses for processing in the country to be marketed.

Why your products need voluntary approvals

Voluntary product approvals are required to meet customer, distributor or service provider purchase requirements. Voluntary approvals can help you build marketing advantage and show proof of compatibility over other suppliers.

Type approval and country-specific certification assistance

the eUROLAB global market access services are a solid solution to support international compliance and legal objectives for the manufacturer's global marketing effort. EUROLAB gives you access to a worldwide network that supports market certificates in the Information Technology, Wireless and Telecom industries, and can quickly and efficiently take over market approvals for your international product distribution.

Technical experts of EUROLAB are experts in local type approval agencies, and our experience will guide you quickly and cost-effectively throughout the global product compliance process.

Global market approval support services are provided with a single dedicated project management point for our customers to accurately and comprehensively understand a particular country's requirements, approval process, labeling guidelines and overall situation. Using the labyrinth of global regulatory compliance is a difficult task. Leaving this to your specialist saves you time, reducing your time to market. 

Your specialist special project manager who is interested in your business in our team will support your application, manage your documentation control, support all logistics and inform you about the status and timelines of your approval efforts. In addition, the approval team works with the testing lab to identify all test program efficiencies, saving time and money during the testing and approval process.

Our international representatives can be used as license holders when necessary, and our qualified relationships with international laboratories will help avoid project delays when products need to be shipped to the country for testing. EUROLAB can test samples in advance, prepare and send test samples through customs, process confidential documents and work with customs logistics.

EUROLAB global approval services include:

  • Country research to identify specific requirements in the design process prior to product development, including direct communication with country officials
  • Certain country approvals where testing is available in the laboratory and reporting to current requirements
  • Special country approvals using accredited EUROLAB and world-renowned test reports
  • In-country tests and in-country representation to support such testing programs in government accredited test laboratories
  • Pre-tests or staging of samples at international standards before being sent to local test laboratories

Globally recognized approval reports

Test reports of EUROLAB are widely recognized through government-established MRAs and are thus accepted worldwide. EUROLAB team, EMC, Security, Telecom, Radio and Energy Efficiency etc. has deep experience and knowledge in the fields.

Global Market Approvals

Type Approvals - the classic type approval process for radio products applies to most countries, including North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa.

A radio regulatory authority or a designated private certification body evaluates documents and test reports and finally issues a certificate. Tests should be followed according to internationally accepted standards or national requirements.

Classical type approval provides less flexibility than its own declaration. Even minor product changes may require the participation of local authorities. In such cases, expert knowledge is invaluable to find the right balance to address changes in certified products worldwide.

Regulations for electronic devices with telecommunication functions have special measures to deal with products for personal use. Any product that transmits data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or radio should be brought in compliance with the legal standards and specifications of those countries. Self-notification is the most convenient way to handle type approval for radio products and short-range devices.

Self-reporting is possible in the EU, Australia and New Zealand. The full legal responsibility for the accuracy of their testimony rests with the manufacturer or the person who launched a product with a wireless connection. It is best practice to test it in an accredited laboratory to make sure your statements are truly correct. 

However, company policies and varying levels of quality management lead to different interpretations of applicable regulations and standards. In cases where the company does not have the necessary information, external consultancy may be recommended. In particular, changes in legislation should be constantly monitored. Using experienced external consultants can help you avoid unpredictable risks.

GMA Areas or Disciplines

  • Product Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • EMI / EMC
  • Radio communication
  • Telecommunications (operator or compatibility)
  • Environment
  • Others

MRA and Other Global Recognition

EUROLAB reviews cover North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, the European Union / EEA, Eastern Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Oceana.

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