Gravelometer Test

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Gravelometer Test

The Gravelometer test is designed to assess the resistance of vehicle surface coatings (paint, transparent coatings, metallic coating, etc.) to chip resistance resulting from the effects of gravel and other flying objects in accordance with SAE and ASTM standards. The primary use of this test is to simulate the effects of gravel or other debris on automotive parts.

Gravelometer Test

Test samples are typically mounted on the back of the Gravelometer and air pressure is used to project 1 pint (about 300 pieces) of gravel into the sample.

The test sample is then removed and gently wiped with a clean cloth. The tape is then applied to the entire tested surface. Removing the tape then removes loose parts of the coating.

The appearance of the tested sample is then compared to standard transparencies provided by SAE to determine chip ratings. Visual inspection can also be used to identify where the error is induced in the coating / substrate system.

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