DIN 53505 Rubber and Elastomers - Shore A and Shore D Hardness Test

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DIN 53505 Rubber and Elastomers - Shore A and Shore D Hardness Test

EUROLAB laboratory provides testing and compliance services within the scope of DIN 53505 standard. The DIN 53505 standard specifies the hardness testing of rubber and elastomer test pieces and products. The stiffness of a rubber or elastomer is determined by its viscoelastic properties, in particular its elastic modulus as determined in DIN 53504.

DIN 53505 Rubber and Elastomers - Shore A and Shore D Hardness Test

Type A durometers are suitable for testing in the hardness range of 10 to 90 Shore A, while Type D durometers; It is suitable for tests in the high hardness range.

The ball recess method can be used for the medium hardness range, either using a 53519 mm diameter ball as specified in DIN 1-2,5 or - for softer test pieces - with a 2039 mm diameter ball as specified in DIN EN ISO 5. Test pieces that are too small to be tested according to DIN 53519-1 can be tested according to DIN 53519-2.

Hardness Testers

According to Shore A, DIN 53505 or Shore D, DIN 53505 hardness tester, the manufacturer's brand and production numbers should be marked. The scale division value must have a unit of hardness and the U grade must be 1 mm. The shape and dimensions of the recess and the bearing surface must be suitable. The values ​​of the spring properties of the test equipment are obtained by applying force to the drill formed by the weights.

DIN 53505 test should not be done at 23 ± 2 °C and before 16 hours. Other test temperatures can be agreed upon if needed. In this case, only limit deviations of ± 1 °C from the target value are allowed in the test sample. Prior to testing, samples should be adjusted to the test temperature in the temperature chamber for at least 30 minutes.

Among the services provided by our organization within the framework of material testing services, there are also DIN 53505 standard tests. Do not hesitate to contact our laboratory EUROLAB for your testing and certification requests.

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