EN 54-24 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System - Test for Loudspeaker

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EN 54-24 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System - Test for Loudspeaker

EUROLAB, with its state-of-the-art accredited laboratories and expert team, provides precise and fast testing services within the scope of EN 54-24 testing. This standard specifies the requirements, test methods, and performance criteria for a fire detection and fire alarm system and loudspeakers intended to broadcast a fire warning between building occupants.

EN 54-24 Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System - Test for Loudspeaker

The EN 54-24 standard specifies requirements, test methods and performance criteria for loudspeakers designed to transmit fire events as a link between the fire detection system and building users.

This standard specifies two types of speaker environments:

  • Type-A speakers, usually for indoor use,
  • Usually type B speakers for outdoor use.

The purpose of a speaker for the audible alarm as part of a voice alarm system is to provide clear warnings to persons in or near a building that is on fire so that they can take appropriate action according to a predetermined evacuation plan.

The main reason for using an audible alarm system instead of coded alarms with signaling devices is to shorten the response time of vulnerable people in a given emergency and to show clear instructions on next action steps. This means that audible alarm loudspeakers must meet design and environmental requirements as well as minimum acoustic performance to be suitable for applications in fire alarm systems.

EUROLAB assists manufacturers with EN 54-24 test compliance. Our test experts, with their professional working mission and principles, provide you, our manufacturers and suppliers, the best service and controlled testing process in our laboratories. Thanks to these services, businesses receive more effective, high-performance and quality testing services and provide safe, fast and uninterrupted service to their customers.

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