Metal Test Laboratory

Metal Test Laboratory

Metal tests are tests carried out to determine the composition of an unknown metallic substance. These tests are carried out with destructive and non-destructive methods. Metal tests can also be performed to determine the properties of forged metal alloys.

Metal Test Laboratory

Non-destructive methods leave the original sample completely reusable and do not damage the compound. However, in most cases, when working with alloys of metals, it may be necessary to separate the original sample into its constituents, then perform tests and analyzes, and perform some measurements and calculations in order to fully detect the composition.

Once the components have been identified, they can be investigated and matched with known alloys. In this case, the original sample is destroyed in this process. These test methods are destructive methods.

Briefly, in destructive tests, the material is subjected to mechanical tests and finally discarded. Test results are compared with certain standards and specifications. The main destructive metal tests are: bending test, impact test (charpy test and isod test), hardness test, tensile test, fatigue test, corrosion resistance test and wear test.

In non-destructive tests, the original sample is tested according to the relevant standard specifications, but this sample is not damaged by the tests. The main non-destructive metal tests are: visual test, paint penetration inspection, magnetic particle inspection, radiographic test, ultrasonic inspection, leak test, eddy current test, remote field electromagnetic test and long range ultrasonic test.

The beer metal testing laboratory service provided by our organization is as follows:

  • ISO 6892-1 Metallic materials - Tensile test - Part 1: Test method at ambient temperature
  • ASTM A 370 Standard test methods and definitions for mechanical testing of steel products
  • ISO 15630-1 Steel - For reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete - Test methods - Part 1: Reinforcement rods, rope and wire
  • TS 708 Steel - For reinforced concrete - Reinforcing steel
  • BS 4449 Concrete reinforcing steels - Weldable reinforcing steel - Rod, roll and decorated product - Specification
  • BS 4482 Steel wire for reinforcing concrete products - Specification
  • BS 6744 Stainless steel bars - Concrete reinforcement - Requirements and test methods
  • ISO 4136 Destructive tests on welds of metallic materials - transverse tensile test
  • ISO 898-1 Mechanical properties of fasteners - Made of carbon steel and alloy steel - Part 1: Bolts, screws and studs with specified strength class - Normal thread and fine pitch thread
  • ASTM E8 / E8M Standard test methods for tensile testing of metallic materials

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