Motorcyclist Protection Equipment Tests

Motorcyclist Protection Equipment Tests

It is vital for motorcyclists to wear protective clothing necessary for a safe driving experience. Among the personal protective equipment for motorcyclists are the following: motorcycle helmets, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle jackets and pants, motorcycle boots, motorcycle glasses and motorcycle colors.

Motorcyclist Protection Equipment Tests

The most notable among these is the motorcycle helmet. Never wear a helmet from the mind of a motorcyclist should never pass. The absence of a helmet increases the risk of serious or even fatal injury in the event of a vehicle crash. At this point, it is very important to use a helmet that has passed strict safety tests. Every motorcycle helmet offered to consumers should carry such a document.

Considering the average coefficient of friction for the road surface, it is calculated that if the speed of the motorcycle is over 20 km per hour, due to friction in a fall, 1 mm of skin is broken down for about 1 km of the speed. If the speed of the engine is higher, this disintegration effect will be higher. Hands are extremely fragile and fleshy. A suitable motorcycle glove protects hands from both impact and wear.

Motorcycle jackets and pants also play an important role in reducing the effects of injury in the event of an accident. Jackets with extra padding, which are called waterproof and body armor, and trousers made of thicker materials with lining or knitting provide the driver with high protection.

Like people's hands, their feet are fragile and easily injured. For this reason, motorcycle boots provide firm support and protect the ankle and feet in case of heavy impact.

Motorcycle goggles protect the eyes from serious eye damage while driving by preventing insects, dirt, dust and debris on the roads from entering the motorcyclist's eye. If the helmet does not fully protect the eyes, it is absolutely necessary to use motorcycle goggles.

Finally, motorcyclist colors mean wearing clothes that will make the driver visible. Whether bright colors or reflective stripes embedded on the protective equipment, it is important for the motorcycle user to be noticed by other riders.

The main motorcyclist equipment tests performed by our organization include:

  • Back protectors, impact attenuation (EN 1621-2)
  • Gloves, impact wear resistance (EN 13594)
  • Leg joint protectors, impact attenuation (EN 1621-1)
  • Protection of boots, ankle and shin against impact energy (EN 13634)
  • They will wear (EN 17092)
  • Helmets (UNECE regulation 22.05)

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