Pneumatic Tests

Pneumatic Tests

The pneumatic or pneumatic test facility is designed to test air flow, pressure and temperature management subsystems and components that require compressed air in a controlled environment.

Pneumatic Tests

Pneumatic testing can be combined with external thermal control, structural stress and vibration averages. The pneumatic test system consists of four high capacity convection heaters, seven air compressors with booster, two compressed air receivers (ullage tanks), air distribution pipes and support systems such as controls, high flow, low pressure air blowers and thermal chambers.

The system is operated from an adjacent control room equipped with a data acquisition and control system for monitoring, control and recording of test (UUT) requirements, including streaming video. The data acquisition and control system is capable of supporting up to ten tests in parallel on seven workstations, including four major complex test programs.

The system has virtually unlimited capacity for temperature, pressure, flow and other customer and facility data channel requirements with its portable data interface, signal conditioning and control cabinets. Multiple direct Ethernet data connections from the test cell to the control room enable easy reconfiguration and expansion of localized data interface cabinets.

In addition, workstations can be configured for viewing and analyzing independent customer data, while the control room can be divided into sections to isolate private customer use when needed.

When is Pneumatic Test used?

Typical systems and components applied by EUROLAB's tests on pneumatic testing include:

  • Jet engine air intake air systems and related components (valves, instrumentation etc.)
  • Aerospace environmental control systems and related components (heat exchangers, valves, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Transportation and industrial combustion and exhaust management systems and related components (heat exchangers, valves, turbochargers, instrumentation, etc.)
  • Other subsystems and components that require compressed air at varying pressure, flow and temperatures over long periods of time.

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