Fungi Testing for Military Cables

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Fungi Testing for Military Cables

General purpose standard for TS 4348 Armored and other military land vehicles published by the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) - General characteristics standard covers the electric cables used in the electrical equipment of armored and other land vehicles used for military purposes. These cables are single and multi-core, heavy-duty and shielded or unshielded electrical cables with an effective value and maximum value not exceeding 30 Volts.

Fungi Testing for Military Cables

While designing this standard, the MIL 13486 standard prepared by the US Department of Military Defense was based on (Military specification: cables, special purpose, electricity: low tension, heavy duty, single conductor and multi-conductor, shielded and strapless, general characteristics standard). This standard is for military wires and cables. It generally covers heavy duty vehicles and electric cables of aircraft.

M13486 wire, designed for allies, is a military specification wire, generally used in important, special-purpose, military vehicles. This wire is produced for circuits used in aircraft, trucks, tanks, trailers and heavy vehicles. M13486 wire is multiple conductors or a single conductor. It is unshielded or protected. It has exceptional durability properties. It is resistant to abrasion, all weather conditions and fungi. It also provides protection from liquids such as oils, ethylene glycol and brine.

The important point here is mushrooming tests. In these tests, it is determined whether there will be fungal and mold growth on the cables and if there is reproduction, how much this will affect the functionality of the cables.

Wires and cables conforming to MIL 13486 standard mean wear and friction resistant, providing excellent flexibility even at low temperatures, resistant to common liquids and lubricants, resistant to fungus and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Mushroom testing services for military cables are also provided to the enterprises by our organization.

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