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Fungus Test

MIL-STD-810G standard, one of the standards prepared by the U.S. Department of Military Defense, is a military defense standard: MIL-STD-810G Defense test method standard: environmental engineering considerations and laboratory tests.

Fungus Test

This standard takes into account the effects of environmental stresses on the material at all stages of its service life and covers the material acquisition, planning and engineering aspects of the activities. This standard mainly addresses environmental aspects with realistic material designs and tests based on performance requirements.

With the fungus resistance test carried out within the framework of the mentioned standard, it is determined whether there is fungal (fungus and mold) growth in the environmental conditions and whether this situation affects the functionality of the equipment.

The MIL-STD-810G standard supports the activities of employees in businesses and includes environmental criteria in material design, testing and evaluation.

The development of fungi on the materials and equipment used in various fields adversely affects the physical properties of this material and equipment and often leads to loss of function. In this way, loss of function in critical materials and equipment sometimes causes much more serious consequences. In this regard, fungus resistance tests performed in developed laboratories are important. Possible fungus growth risks are identified at the design stage.

Fungus resistance tests detect a fungal infection, determine which specific fungi are present, and take the necessary precautions on time. Fungi are unicellular yeasts or branching filamentous molds in nature. About 25 fungal species cause infections.

Fungus resistance tests are carried out in electrical and electronic devices and mechanical parts, cables, textile products, plastic products, paper products, various packaging materials, glass products, ceramic products, wooden products, metal products, paints, protective coatings and petroleum products.

Fungus testing services are also provided to businesses by our organization.

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