KBRN Decontaminants Test

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KBRN Decontaminants Test

The combined operational specifications, technical specifications, test procedures and evaluation criteria standard for NATO AEP-58 (STANAG 4653) KBRN decontamination equipment, prepared by NATO, includes low-load chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (KBRN) protective clothing. STANAG is a structure that determines the standards used by NATO member countries in the military field.

KBRN Decontaminants Test

KBRN is an abbreviation of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear expression (CBRN, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear). The acronym KBRN is briefly used to refer to situations where a threat arises with the presence or use of any such agent. Sometimes, "E" is added to the end of this abbreviation to express the threat of explosive abuse.

In the context of international security, avoiding chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) hazards has become an important field of activity. European Union countries also make important contributions to the international effort to eliminate the threats and risks associated with these materials.

Today, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN defense) are protective measures taken in the context of the dangers of an attack (including terrorism). These measures are aimed at avoiding contamination. In the military field, CBRN equipment and personnel are available to the armed forces of the countries.

CBRN decontaminants tests are intended to detect the presence of such hazards and to identify countermeasures to be taken. It is also intended to demonstrate efforts to eliminate the biological threat by decontamination, that is, by reducing the microbiological burden of materials and equipment to be used to bring the environment out of danger. With these tests, decontaminants in various forms on the surface of the material are interfered with a suspension of microorganism of known quantity, and the decrease in biological load is determined and the effectiveness of the decontaminant is determined.

KBRN decontaminants test services are also provided to the enterprises by our organization.

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