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MIL-DTL-901E and MIL-S-901 High Impact Shock Tests

MIL-DTL-901E is a detail (DTL) specification that defines high-impact shock testing requirements for machinery, equipment, systems, and structures on surface ships and submarines. Adopted on June 20, 2017, MIL-DTL-901E replaces MIL-S-910D as standard to verify the ability of onboard installations to withstand shock from nuclear and conventional weapons, as well as environmental mechanical shock during operation.

MIL-DTL-901E ve MIL-S-901 Yüksek Etkili Şok Testleri

Impact (HI) shock test requirements for machinery, equipment, systems and structures on surface vessels, including high carriers and submarines, are referred to herein collectively as "ships" unless this specification specifies otherwise. The purpose of these requirements is to verify the ability of onboard installations to withstand shock loadings due to the effects of nuclear or conventional weapons or environmental mechanical shocks during operation.

MIL-DTL-901E test methods
Mission and safety critical systems must be built, tested and proven to operate reliably, especially in harsh or combat environments. To help ensure the sustainability and reliability of onboard systems, detailed specifications are included to limit ambiguity or uncertainty.

MIL-DTL-901E standard shock test methods include:

  • Light and medium shock machine tests
  • Heavy shock test performed on a floating shock platform
  • Medium weight deck simulation shock test or deck simulation shock machine (DSSM) on deck mounted equipment

There are two categories of shock degrees. Class A applies to items essential to the ship's safety and sustained combat capability. Class B applies to items that are not essential to the safety and combat capability of the ship, but which may pose a hazard to personnel or the ship as a whole as a result of exposure to shock.

MIL-DTL-901E also classifies items to be tested by type and equipment class as main unit, auxiliary component, or subassembly. Tests are then classified by item type: Type A tests are applied to a main unit, Type B tests are applied to an auxiliary component and Type C tests are applied to a subassembly.

EUROLAB Laboratory provides test services accredited in MIL-DTL-901E standard in defense industry and industrial tests.

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