MIL Standards and Features Tests

Defense Tests

MIL Standards and Features Tests

EUROLAB is a leading provider of testing, assessment and engineering services for the defense industry and has the technical expertise, accreditations and physical infrastructure to meet the needs of a broad customer base in both the public and private sectors.

MIL Standards and Features Tests

EUROLAB laboratories maintain multiple levels of contract with the government and are accredited to a wide range of regulatory standards, including:

  • MIL-STD-810 - “Ministry of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Issues and Laboratory Tests” - covers most of the environmental factors encountered at every stage of the life of military equipment. The MIL-STD-810 test involves copying these conditions in a controlled laboratory environment using temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, acceleration and other simulation equipment.
  • MIL-STD-461 - “Defense Requirements for Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment” - covers EMC and EMI requirements of all electrical and electronic equipment used in defense applications. EUROLAB has a facility network that can perform MIL-STD-461 testing within the company using highly controlled, echo-free rooms. We can also perform the MIL-STD-461 test on site for components that are too large or too expensive to move to one of our locations. 
  •  MIL-STD-2105 - “Ministry of Defense Test Method for Non-Nuclear Ammunition Standard Hazard Assessment Tests” - caliber ammunition including part impact test, external fire, fast and slow firing test, and small and medium bullet impact test. Our laboratory is equipped with multiple firing intervals and sophisticated monitoring equipment to test for all MIL-STD-2105 requirements.
  • MIL-DTL-901E - “Shock Tests, High Impact, Defense Requirements Department for Ship Machinery, Equipment and Systems” - is the military standard for military standards for ship equipment. This certificate, previously called MIL-S-901D, is required for basic devices, auxiliary components and subassemblies, including those required for both security and combat, and for those who may be dangerous to the crew when exposed to shock. Shock testing according to MIL-S-910 standards can be done in EUROLAB laboratories. 
  • MIL-STD-167- “Ministry of Defense Test Method Standard: Mechanical Vibrations of Ship Equipment” - similar to MIL-STD-901D, but especially covers the effects of environmental and internally stimulated vibrations on ship equipment. Reproduction of these factors in a controlled laboratory environment requires powerful shakers and precise instrumentation. EUROLAB has the most equipped facility in the country for MIL-STD-167 vibration testing. You can contact us to discuss your needs and get answers to your questions from experts.

In addition to the above, we can provide tests to other defense standards, including MIL-STD-120 (measurement inspection), MIL-STD-248 (welding and soldering procedures), MIL-STD-516 (flight availability) and MIL-STD -767 ( check for hardware cleanliness). You can contact our expert team immediately for more information or to request a quote.

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