MIL STD 1553 Digital Communications Bus Test Standard

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MIL STD 1553 Digital Communications Bus Test Standard

The MIL STD 1553 test standard specifies requirements for digital, command and response, time division multiplexing techniques in aircraft. It covers the bus line interface electronics and also defines the concept of operation and information flow in the multiplex bus and the electrical and functional formats to be used.

MIL STD 1553 Digital Communications Bus Test Standard

Although this standard is mainly applied to space shuttles, space stations and satellites, this standard is applied to the most equipment in the military field and has the widest coverage area. This standard is used on large transport ships, submarines, refueling aircraft, bombers, tactical warplanes and helicopters. It is even applied to missiles and in some cases serves as the main interface between aircraft and missile. The US Navy applies this standard to both surface and submarine vessels.

All criteria specified in the MIL-STD-1553 standard are valid for the environmental conditions required for the operation of the multi-bus system. Because environmental conditions vary widely, this standard does not specify all conditions. Therefore, the system designer has to determine the environmental conditions applied to the versatile digital communication bus system, depending on the appropriate tools or system features.

MIL-STD-1553 was designed for military avionics (for aircraft, artificial satellites and spacecraft electronic systems) in 1973 and was first used on an F16. Data communication between the systems on these aircraft is provided in this way. Shortly after, it started to be used in civil aviation as well.

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