MIL STD 750 Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices

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MIL STD 750 Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices

The MIL STD 750 test standard establishes uniform methods and procedures for testing semiconductor devices suitable for use in Military and Aerospace electronic systems. The methods and procedures in the various parts of this standard cover basic environmental, physical and electrical tests to determine resistance to the harmful effects of the natural elements and conditions surrounding military and space operations.

MIL STD 750 Test Methods for Semiconductor Devices

For the purpose of this standard, the term "devices" includes items such as transistors, diodes, voltage regulators, rectifiers, tunnel diodes and other related parts. This standard is designed to apply to semiconductor devices only. The test methods and procedures described in the various sections of this multipart test method standard are designed to serve a variety of purposes:

To determine the appropriate conditions that can be obtained in the laboratory and give test results equivalent to the actual service conditions available in the field and to achieve the repeatability of the test results. The test methods described by this standard should not be construed as an unambiguous representation of actual service operation in any geographic location, since the only true test for operation at a particular location is known to be a true service test at that point.

In a set of standards, to describe all test methods of a similar character appearing in the specifications of various common services semiconductor device, so that these test methods can be kept uniform, thereby causing the protection of equipment, human hours and test facilities. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to make each of the common test methods adaptable to a wide variety of devices.

The test methods described by this standard for environmental, physical, and electrical testing of semiconductor devices will also apply, where appropriate, to parts not covered by an approved military plate form standard, specification, or drawing.

Test methods are divided into five areas and are found in the five parts of this multipart test method standard. Test methods numbered 1000 through 1999 include environmental testing and are in MIL-STD-750-1. Test methods from 2000 to 2999 cover mechanical property tests and are in MIL-STD-750-2. Electrical properties tests are handled in two groups; Cover test methods for transistors, including 3000 to 3999 (see MIL-STD-750-3) and cover test methods for diodes, including 4000 to 4999 (see MIL-STD-750-4). Test methods 5000 to 5999 (inclusive) are for high reliability field applications and are in MIL-STD-750-5.

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