MIL STD 882 Standard Practice for System Security

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MIL STD 882 Standard Practice for System Security

The MIL STD 882 standard implementation addresses a useful approach (a standard practice normally defined as systems security) in managing environmental, security, and health mishap risks encountered in the development, testing, manufacture, use, and disposal of DoD systems, subsystems.

MIL STD 882 Standard Practice for System Security

The aim of system security is to achieve acceptable risk of mishap through a systematic hazard analysis, risk assessment and risk management approach. This document defines the minimum mandatory requirements for an acceptable system security program for any DoD system. When a request or contract requires MIL-STD-882 but does not include specific references, only the requirements in this section apply.

MIL STD 882 System security requirements consist of:

  • Documenting the system security approach,
  • Identification of hazards,
  • Evaluation of accident risk,
  • Determining the measures to reduce the risk of accident,
  • Reducing the accident risk to an acceptable level,
  • Confirmation of accident risk reduction,
  • Review of hazards and acceptance of residual risk of mishap by the appropriate authority.
  • Monitoring of hazards, their closures and residual risk of mishaps.

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