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MIL-STD-883F Defense Division Test Method Standard: Microcircuits, Test Standards

EUROLAB laboratory provides testing and compliance services within the scope of MIL-STD-883F standard. MIL-STD-883F, a United States military defense standard, provides basic environmental testing, mechanical and electrical testing, labor and training procedures to determine resistance to the harmful effects of the natural elements and conditions surrounding military and space operations, and is the only one suitable for the intended applications of these devices. Any other controls and restrictions deemed necessary to ensure such a level of quality and reliability are described.

MIL-STD-883F Savunma Bölümü Test Yöntemi Standardı: Mikrodevreler, Test Standartları

For the purposes of this standard, the term devices includes such items as monolithic, multi-chip, film and hybrid microcircuits, microcircuit arrays and elements from which circuits and arrays are built. This standard is intended to apply only to microelectronic devices.

The primary purpose of the test methods, controls and procedures described in this standard is to serve:

  • To determine the appropriate conditions that can be obtained at the laboratory and device level, which gives test results similar to the actual service conditions available in the field, and to obtain the reproducibility of the test results. The tests described herein should not be construed as an accurate representation of actual service operation in any geographic or outer space location, as it is known that the only true test for operation in a given application and location is a true service test under the same conditions.
  • To describe in a single standard all test methods of similar character currently appearing in various joint services and NASA microelectronic device standards. Thus these methods are kept uniform and result in protection of equipment, working hours and testing facilities. To achieve this goal, each of the general tests needs to be made adaptable to a wide range of devices.
  • To ensure a level of uniformity in physical, electrical and environmental testing, manufacturing controls and workmanship and materials to ensure consistent quality and reliability across all devices scanned in accordance with this standard.

Among the numerous test, measurement, analysis and evaluation studies it provides for businesses in various sectors, our organization also provides military-purpose microcircuit testing services within the scope of MIL-STD-883F standard, with its trained and expert staff and advanced technological equipment.

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