Defense Tests

NATO AEP 64 Chemical Warfare Agent Resistant Paint Systems

The purpose of this Allied Publication is to guide project managers and paint professionals on the test method determining the minimum quality of chemical resistant paint for the protection of military equipment in accordance with the limits defined in AEP-7. The method allows to measure on the same sample the amount absorbed by the paint system, which represents the real danger, and the amount absorbed by the paint system, which represents the potential danger, on the same sample, regardless of the exposure conditions and duration.

NATO AEP 64 Kimyasal Savaş Ajanlarına Dayanıklı Boya Sistemleri

The acceptance testing procedures and acceptance criteria provided in this Allied Publication may be used by countries as a separate requirement for paint systems and are not limited to joint NATO defense paint material projects implementing STANAG 4360 - Specification for Paint Systems, Resistant. Chemical Agents and Decontaminants for the Protection of Land Military Equipment. Approval of STANAG 4360 by any country will however automatically initiate this Allied Release.

This publication addresses the performance requirements for the protection of ground military equipment with paint systems that have the following functions:

  • corrosion control
  • Chemical agent resistance
  • Camouflage

This publication defines the minimum requirements that paint systems must meet, with particular reference to:

  • Laboratory performance test methods for evaluating the durability of protective paint systems(s)
  • Evaluation criteria for performance testing
  • Accept conditions

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