NMCPHCINST 6270.8 Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) Program Test Standard

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NMCPHCINST 6270.8 Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) Program Test Standard

We provide comprehensive support to Navy and Marine Corps activities and procurement programs, including health hazard and toxicological assessments for new products or programs, new uses, procedures and processes for existing products. The Navy or Marine Corps sponsor identifies a product, program, or process to be reviewed and forwards supporting documentation to the NMCPHC. As a minimum, the HHA report provides an assessment of hazards and risks, recommends process changes or alternative chemicals to consider, and lists the operation-specific personal protective equipment and controls necessary to ensure personnel are protected.

NMCPHCINST 6270.8 Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) Program Test Standard

HHA Services

1 - Military Specification screening - documents comparing products to military specifications (eg MIL SPEC, MIL-PRF, MIL-DTL) for compliance with hazardous materials, toxicity, noise or other occupational health restrictions.
2 - Dangerous goods control and management on board,
3 - Products considered for inclusion in the Qualified Product List (QPL) and stock number assignment.
4 - Hazardous material screening and classification under the Ship Hazardous Material Reduction Program and listing in the Ship Dangerous Goods List (SHML) through SHML Feedback Reports (SFR).
5 - Cleaning products considered to be listed in the US Navy Surface Ship Authorized Chemical Products and Distribution Systems Catalogue (S6480-A4-CAT-010). This program moves to adding authorized products directly to SHML under the Technical Purchase Disclosure (TPD) criteria.
6 - Newly developed products for performance demonstration testing.
7 - Programmatic Evaluations - evaluation of chemicals, including green alternatives, for use in specific scenarios. Exemplary categories include corrosion prevention, thermal insulation materials, alternative fuels, fuel biocides, and marine research processes.
8 - Submarine Materials - Evaluation of products and processes to obtain a category recommendation under the Submarine Atmosphere Control Manual (S9510-EU-ATM-010, March 15, 12) and subsequently to be listed on the Submarine Materials Checklist (SMCL) by NAVSEA.

The HHA program is run under BUMEDINST 6270.8C and NMCPHCINST 6270.8E. Specific requirements for HHA process requirements are also defined in internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for reference, writing and review.

You can contact EUROLAB Laboratory for all testing and certification processes within the scope of NMCPHCINST 6270.8 Health Hazard Assessment (HHA) Program Test Standard.

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