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STANAG 1008 Test Methods for Electric Power Systems on Warships

EUROLAB laboratory provides testing and compliance services within the scope of STANAG 1008 standard. STANAG 1008 refers to power plants on NATO navy ships. This is a standard emerging from US MIL-STD-141 (NAVY)–Part 6A1399 under NATO AC/300(NG/3). Subgroup/4. This standard actually refers to the normal operation of warships and has raised a number of interesting PSQ issues.

STANAG 1008 Savaş Gemilerindeki Elektrik Güç Sistemleri için Test Yöntemleri

The purpose of this agreement is to ensure operational compatibility between warships of the North Atlantic Treaty Navies and to help simplify issues related to the international procurement of future electrical equipment by identifying mutually acceptable and agreed upon ship electrical power supply system specifications.

One design issue of conventional or All Electric Ship (AES) ship electrical power systems is to alleviate power quality problems caused by so-called "pulsed loads", ie loads with high power consumption periodically over short time intervals. Power supply quality phenomenon called "voltage/frequency modulation". Voltage/frequency modulation can affect the operation of several sensitive electrical shipboard subsystems. NATO standard, STANAG 1008, mandates a specific design

Simulating an energy storage system to compensate for pulsed loads on the ship's electrical power system can be particularly embarrassing for the warship electrical power system, as pulsed loads (such as radar or sonar) can be particularly embarrassing: when the pulsed load is operating, the generators will always be able to stress the prime mover and exciter actuators. transient currents. Regarding power quality, frequency and voltage modulation issues can arise which can lead to sensitive load misoperations and grid instability. This article discusses the limitations of the pulsed load power level in relation to the supply power.

In an effort to formulate voltage modulation constraints in ship electrical systems with pulsed loads, one of the most important power supply quality problems in ship electrical networks is 'voltage and frequency modulation'. It results from the operation of certain electrical charges, known as 'pulsed loads', that require high power that are repeated regularly or randomly over short periods of time. As far as engineers know, there is no well-founded theoretical analysis of the phenomenon, although with regard to standards, the current restrictions on the operation of shock loads are not properly explained.

STANAG (Standardization Agreement) is a declaration that sets the military standards of NATO member countries. All military materials produced by NATO member countries must comply with these standards. EUROLAB Laboratory provides testing services within the scope of STANAG.

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