Defense Tests

STANAG 4170 Standard Test for Qualification of Explosives for Military Use

EUROLAB, together with its state-of-the-art accredited laboratories and expert team, provides precise and fast testing services within the scope of STANAG 4170 testing. This standard ensures that only explosive materials that have been adequately characterized and evaluated as having properties that make them safe and suitable for military use are Qualified for an intended role.

STANAG 4170 Askeri Kullanıma Yönelik Patlayıcı Maddelerin Kalifikasyonuna İlişkin Standart Test

A role change (for example, the use of a Qualified booster as a main charged explosive) will require a case-by-case assessment to determine whether this explosive can be used in a new specific application not covered by its intended scope.

The purposes of this agreement are:

  • identify the concept and requirement for the Qualification of explosives by a National Authority for military use by NATO countries;
  • By adopting the principles and methodology described in this STANAG and related document AOP-7, to provide NATO countries with an acceptable and uniform basis for obtaining Qualification status for explosives.

EUROLAB assists manufacturers with STANAG 4170 test compliance. Our test experts, with their professional working mission and principles, provide you, our manufacturers and suppliers, the best service and controlled testing process in our laboratories. Thanks to these services, businesses receive more effective, high-performance and quality testing services and provide safe, fast and uninterrupted service to their customers.

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