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STANAG 4360 Standard Test for Chemical and Decontaminant Resistant Paint Systems for the Protection of Land Military Equipment

EUROLAB laboratory provides testing and compliance services within the scope of STANAG 4360 standard. This agreement defines performance requirements for paint systems that provide a minimum quality level specification to ensure ground military equipment is properly protected against chemical agent contamination.

STANAG 4360 Kara Askeri Ekipmanlarının Korunması için Kimyasal Maddelere ve Dekontaminantlara Dayanıklı Boya Sistemleri için Standart Test

STANAG standards, which are NATO standardization agreements, determine the military standards of NATO member countries. In the STANAG 4360 standard published within this framework, performance requirements are defined for paint systems that provide the minimum quality level specification in order to ensure that military equipment is properly protected against chemical agent contamination.

Chemical resistant coating is a form of paint commonly applied to military vehicles to provide protection against chemical and biological weapons. The surface of the paint is designed to be easily decontaminated after exposure to chemical warfare and biological warfare agents.

The paint is also resistant to damage and removal by decontaminating solutions. Generally, two-component systems, such as epoxy or polyester-based paints, are often used in this field.

This standard also has similar features with the MIL-DTL-53072 standard, which is a military defense standard prepared by the US Department of Defense. This standard contains the application and inspection requirements of chemical agent resistant coating systems used in military equipment.

It is mandatory to use appropriate materials and procedures for the surfaces to be painted, and provides additional application, inspection and quality control information for the cleaning, pretreatment and coating properties specified in the standard. However, this standard does not eliminate the need for appropriate consideration of corrosion prevention and control, eg material selection, system design, manufacturing processes, maintenance and other aspects during vehicle development and maintenance.

EUROLAB assists manufacturers with STANAG 4360 test compliance. Our test experts, with their professional working mission and principles, provide you, our manufacturers and suppliers, the best service and controlled testing process in our laboratories. Thanks to these services, businesses receive more effective, high-performance and quality testing services and provide safe, fast and uninterrupted service to their customers.

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