STANAG 4569 Adequate Ballistic and Explosion Proof Test Standard

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STANAG 4569 Adequate Ballistic and Explosion Proof Test Standard

EUROLAB ”Standardization Agreement” provides accredited testing services within the framework of the standards determined by the NATO standards agreement, which is STANAG. The STANAG 4569 test standard refers to standards for levels of protection for those found in logistics and light armored vehicles. Covering attacks from artillery, kinetic energy and IEDs, i.e. improvised explosive device explosions, this is a NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) standardization agreement designed to provide adequate ballistic and explosion-proof protection against threats.

STANAG 4569 Adequate Ballistic and Explosion Proof Test Standard

There are six standardized levels in the STANAG 4569 specification, reflecting the different levels of threat faced by NATO light armored vehicles. Each refers to a different degree of protection, covering kinetic energy attacks, artillery strikes, and grenade and mine blast threats. Protection against all three threats must be provided. Kinetic energy attack refers to attacks such as machine gun, rifle and sniper fire. Artillery strikes, meanwhile, are high-explosive attacks from heavy military ranged weapons. Finally, grenade and mine explosion threats refer to another type of explosive attack on troops, increasingly using IEDs that can explode when driven over or remotely controlled to explode.

The armor system's ability to withstand multiple impacts from specified test rounds (multi-hit requirement) is included as part of the Phase 2 Vproof ballistics evaluation process.

Applying multi-hit conditions to armor component ballistic tests requires the definition of a set of geometric parameters to obtain a reproducible and fair assessment. These parameters and qualifying comments are as follows:

The distance between the centers of individual firing effects was determined from the result analysis of the specified firing range distances, realistic live fire test scenarios or ballistic trials experience.

Impact accuracy tolerance, values ​​for individual projectiles are based on National Authority technical expert experience of the respective weapons and shells. National Authorities may, at their discretion, require tighter tolerances for impact accuracy than those specified here.

The EZ shall be separated from the component panel edges to prevent testing within a SWA, the minimum specified distance with ballistic evaluation effects.

Component target size effects allow a shot pattern with a reduced shot count to address the case where the target size is small compared to the test multi-hit test pattern area

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