Type Approval Tests

Type Approval Tests

Type approval works are carried out in almost all industrial production from accredited organizations, from electrical and electronic devices to products manufactured in different sectors, from medical devices to vehicles, from ISO type approval to ETSI type approval.

Type Approval Tests

Type approval is essentially an ongoing study to determine whether the product is produced in accordance with published standards, legal regulations and generally accepted methods, and to prove this, if appropriate, with a document.

For example, IEC type approval tests and type approval certificates carried out by accredited organizations are studies that prove that electrical and electronic equipment and related technologies produced by businesses comply with the standards published by IEC.

Product type approval, on the other hand, is a procedure applied for the approval of the product design, including initial drawings and prototype test performance, in order to comply with the criteria and related standard requirements in the relevant legal regulations. Type approval applies to all products, but is generally more suitable for standard-designed and routine products.

In general, type approval is required before a product is allowed to be sold in a particular country. There are type approval requirements for a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to marine equipment, from the automotive industry to medical equipment. Device type approval means that no matter what type of device it meets certain requirements by type.

On the other hand, one of the mandatory documents to be taken during the production of a machine is the machine type approval certificate. This document is a document that proves that a machine meets basic health and safety requirements. Machine type approvals are different in each sector, but are generally carried out in accordance with European Union directives.

In the type approval tests, the design of the product is determined and approved to meet the standard criteria, the production processes and the materials used are checked and one or more samples representing that product are taken from the product group and necessary tests are carried out.

The beer type approval test service provided by our organization are as follows:

  • IEC type approval tests
  • Product type approval tests
  • Device type approval tests
  • Machine type approval tests
  • ASTM type approval tests
  • ISO type approval tests
  • Medical device type approval tests
  • Vehicle type approval tests
  • Automotive type approval tests
  • Material type approval tests
  • Electronic device type approval tests
  • ETSI type approval tests
  • FAA type approval tests
  • FDA type approval tests

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