Product Safety Tests

Security testing is not just about maintaining compliance and fulfilling your responsibility. Product safety tests are about delivering a safe, quality and superior product for your customers, and show your customers what you think. No matter which industry you operate in, EUROLAB can assist you at this important stage of the quality assurance process. 

Ürün Güvenliği Testleri

Product Safety Standards

EUROLAB, IEC / UL / EN 60950-1 for Information Technology Equipment (ITE), 61010-1 for Laboratory and Test and Measurement devices, 60335 for Home equipment, IEC 60601-1-x for Video and Similar Electronic Devices as well as Medical Devices Has extensive experience in testing electrical products in accordance with various safety standards, including standards such as 60065 for sound.

One of our strongest aspects is our ability to work with customers from the very beginning, by determining where they want to market their products. After determining which safety and certification marks our customers require, EUROLAB will prepare a test plan to meet the relevant standards and requirements.

To summarize, EUROLAB will save you time and money, but most importantly, you will get rid of headaches and stress.

Security solutions for the global market

In today's economy, delivering your product to international markets is one of the keys to profitability in multiple industries. Your choice of product safety testing company can play a big role in removing regulatory barriers to selling overseas.

EUROLAB has associations to offer safety signs to various institutions, including CSA, UL and TUV. EUROLAB services include United States (NRTL / OSHA), Canada (CB / SCC), Germany (GS), South America, Mexico (NOM), Australia / New Zealand, Asia JQI, JEt, Japan (PSE), Russia (GOST) ) and International CB Program Reports. EUROLAB also offers tests against LVD (Low Voltage Directive), MD (Machinery Directive), Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R & TTE) Directive or others for Self-Declaration against EU countries.

In addition to testing and certification, we also offer a range of support services to help you identify specific international requirements. We can also conduct preliminary tests to speed up the approval process of regulatory agencies that we do not have a direct relationship with.

Sectors We Serve

Different industries have different security standards and different end-user expectations. Special equipment and expertise are required to manage these various factors. Industry and market-specific product safety testing should take into account usability concerns, legal requirements and more.

At EUROLAB, our advanced safety testing capabilities enable us to meet the certification requirements of demanding industries and tailor our testing processes to deliver the highest value for our customers.

Our key product categories include:

  • Information Technology Equipment
  • Laboratory and Test Equipment
  • Telecom & Telecommunication Equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Audio and Video Equipment
  • Lighting and Entertainment Equipment
  • Machinery Equipments
  • Consumer, Home and Commercial Appliances
  • Component and Power Supplies
  • Lightning 
  • Plastics, Laminates, Flexible Films, PCB, Coatings

We have the best product safety testing laboratories in the country to better serve customers in this and other industries. You can contact us immediately to discuss your project with one of our experts in detail.

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