Vegan / Vegetarian Tests

With the increasing demand for Vegetarian and Vegan Test offers, it has become imperative to verify these claims. Verification of products with vegan vegetarian tests is possible by testing the chemicals used in the production of materials in a laboratory environment to determine whether any animal products or by-products are used.

Vegan / Vejetaryen Testleri

Vegan and vegetarian testing helps brands and retailers accurately identify ingredients using a phased approach that encompasses the manufacturing of ingredients, chemical management, risk assessment, and various suitability tests to achieve vegan vegetarian certification of ingredients.

In order to get a share of the vegan and vegetarian market, some producers declare their products as vegan or vegetarian and offer them to the market. However, the manufacturer's statement alone is not reliable. Whether the product meets vegan criteria must be proven by various tests performed by an impartial, independent and accredited organization.

From research, inspection, inspection, testing and certification, our team of global industry experts help you make sure your operations and products meet the highest global vegan standards.

Components that traditionally make analysis ineffective are easily detected above 0,005%, even in the presence of both milk and cheese. The due diligence of manufacturers and retailers to detect such incidental or fraudulent contamination in these products serves to secure vegans, vegetarians and ethnic groups with religious beliefs that they actually buy vegetarian or vegan food from the consumption of certain species.

A growing number of companies are increasing their consumer appeal by avoiding animal ingredients as much as possible. All producers who want to be preferred in the face of the changing habits of the consumer and hold on to the market can produce options in accordance with vegan standards and obtain vegan certification for them, and they can become the preferred choice for all conscious consumers, not just vegan.

Especially, producers operating in the field of food must meet the increasing demand for vegan food options, which are increasing day by day, in order to create a reliable brand perception that considers the consumer suitable for every diet.

EUROLAB, together with its expert team in its accredited laboratories with the latest technology, performs vegan and vegetarian tests, impartially and independently.

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