Lightning Tests

Lightning Tests

Lightning can be extremely damaging for all equipment, regardless of which sector you work in, whether using electricity or not. EUROLAB is one of the industry's leading laboratories for lightning tests and provides best-in-class lightning testing.

Lightning Tests

Yıldırım takes many forms, each with different effects on electronic devices. As the modern world becomes dependent on more electronic devices and systems, EUROLAB leverages its advanced lightning capabilities to keep the electronic equipment operating as intended when exposed to lightning events. This is important because any electronic component may suffer lightning damage and this can lead to serious material losses.

Lightning testing becomes an increasingly important part of quality control for both military contractors and avionic equipment manufacturers, as advanced navigation and communication systems play a bigger role in maintaining safe flight operations. To accurately reproduce the effect of a lightning strike on a device is the only sure way to measure its durability.

Lightning Simulation

Lightning simulation studies at EUROLAB include:

  • Indirect Effects (DO-160, Chapter 22)
  • Direct Effects (DO-160, Chapter 23)
  • Near Strike (MIL-STD-464)
  • Electrostatic Discharge (DO-160, Chapter 25)
  • Precipitation-Static

Direct and Indirect Effects of Lightning

Lightning can affect avionic systems in two ways: directly, it causes physical damage due to heat or shock, and indirectly as a result of ground voltage rises that occur after a crash. Appropriate tests should take into account both factors to ensure lightning strike protection. EUROLAB uniquely prepares you to comply with DO-160 Part 22, MIL-STD 461/464 and other relevant standards.

Direct Effects: EUROLAB uses direct test equipment consisting of high-voltage Marx-type impulse generators capable of producing up to 2,4 million volts and high-current generators specially equipped to produce more than 200.000 amperes. Our facility includes a 40 x 120 feet high chamber laboratory suitable for testing smaller aircraft and larger individual components.

Indirect Effects: Ground voltage spikes can cause equipment malfunctions on devices one kilometer from the impact location. It is therefore important to test sensitive electrical and electronic components for the indirect effects of lightning strike. To do this, we use special devices for complete field and transient analysis, so we can perform pin injection, transformer injection and other tests.

Close Hazard

Lightning strikes from the cloud to the ground can affect the equipment as a result of the rapidly changing magnetic and electric fields around the equipment. To determine the effects of this electric charge, EUROLAB has the ability to apply simulated electric and magnetic fields at maximum field rates in 464 meters in accordance with MIL-STD-10.

Electrostatic discharge

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the electrical sudden electrical flow between two electrically charged objects caused by contact, an electrical short circuit or dielectric failure. Accumulation of static electricity can result from tribune charging or electrostatic induction. ESD occurs when different charged objects are brought together or the dielectric between them deteriorates and often creates a visible spark. EUROLAB can apply ESDs in the range of 331 to 464 kV, meeting the requirements of MIL-STD-160, MIL-STD -8, DO-300 and more.


Static electricity in aircraft can cause shocks exceeding 100.000 volts. Testing the equipment for these possible events can be as important as ensuring proper lightning strike protection. We do many kinds of static electricity tests. These procedures simulate the range of static effects: they can be simulated from those occurring on aircraft exceeding 100.000 volts to small but potentially dangerous voltages produced by manufacturing and material handling operations.

Field Tests

For equipment that is too large or too expensive to move to our facilities, we regularly conduct a wide range of indirect impact verification tests at customer facilities around the world.

Compliance Management

If you need assistance with compliance management, our team can design a complete test protocol that simplifies your compatibility with DO-160, Chapters 22 and 23. EUROLAB lightning test capabilities also meet the requirements specified in EUROCAE / ED-84, Boeing D6-16050-5, Airbus ABD0100. 

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